A is for Activist

Meet the movement at Brick Lane Debate’s activist fresher’s fair, followed by live performances from some of our best radical artists. This is a lot more than stalls and flyers. In a safe space that’s relaxed, interactive and fun, you’ll get to meet like-minded students and other young people from across London, hear from grassroots groups, meet the organisers and be able to ask questions and make your own voices heard.

Dear Generation 2016,

In 2010 London students led the revolt against a government attack on education, healthcare and other public services to finance a bailout for bankers. We shut down Westminster and triggered a national wave of student occupations that inspired resistance elsewhere. You’ve got some big shoes to fill – but we’re still here for you.

By choosing to study here, you’ve become authors of the next chapter in that story. You’re joining the country’s biggest and most powerful body of students at a time of crisis for the city we love. London’s long been at the forefront of campaigns for climate justice, civil rights and in solidarity with progressive movements around the world. But here, widening inequality, rising racism and a chronic housing crisis are ruining lives. But they’re also bringing people together in mutual support networks and triggering some incredible acts of resistance.

The fair is organised by Brick Lane Debates. Launched by a collective of student activists in 2014, ‘BLD’ has become one of London’s leading forums for political debate and artistic expression by London’s youth movement. We’re not a membership organisation, so no one’s going to be smacking you in the face with flyers all night asking you to ‘join our revolution’ or give us money. We just want to welcome you to the movement and introduce you to some of the best communities and campaigns the left in London has to offer. These are the grassroots groups that might not have a stall at your regular campus fair, so this will be a unique opportunity to see what else is out there and how you might want to get involved.

You wont have to worry about London’s expensive bar prices at this event, as the venue has a BYOB (bring your own booze) policy and we will by lining up some music for you. It is still fresher’s week, after all

This is also a great opportunity to link up with different groups so seasoned activists and non-students warmly welcomed

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can’t wait to meet you.

Groups include:

Streets Kitchen
No Borders London
Radical Housing Network
The Wretched of the Earth
Campaign Against Arms Trade
Anti University
Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary
London Palestine Action
People & Planet


ACCESSIBILITY – Due to limited funds & available spaces, we regret that we were unable to secure a fully accessible venue for this event. However, we will be livestreaming the event and taking questions submitted via Facebook & Twitter @BrickLDebates
Also, thanks to everyone who’s donated, we can now purchase our own sound equipment and the money saved on renting them & the extra flexibility this affords us when booking spaces will enable us to secure accessible venue space for future events. Big thanks to everyone who contributed.