Sunday, May 8

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

To say Big Thank you to our Mother Nature for amazing Blossom Bliss & blessings being given to us in this very special time of year.


Thousands of trees in the blossom,milions flowers in the blossom,this is great festival of beauty around us…A little hint from the Mother Nature for us as a state to be in….Keep those pictures and the energy of the blossoms that you see around you,in your Heart,keep it all in your Heart,in your soul….


we will supporting you in your journey to alignment and will try to transport you into your own deep space of connection and peace, bathing you in the vibrational energies of our great GONGS,deep grounding sounds of the DIDGERIDOO,Native Indian flute,Hangdrum,Koshi chimes etc.

We offering the beautiful rainbow of harmonic sounds and various sacred frequencies and your body knows exactly what to do….

Your cells are intelligent atomic and molecular structures in your body and they will pick up precisely just what they need at time.

That is why its so important for us to be able to offer you a rainbow of sound and harmonic frequencies during your Sound Bath.

We are using one of best (top of range)Symphonic Gongs.


Program :

Arrival at 6;40 pm for start at 7pm ish

7pm – 8:30pm ish   ♥ BLOSSOM BLISS GONG BATH  ♥

( Sonic Alchemy magic served by Bear Love,Peter Didg and Brian Udall )

We are providing around 50 yoga mats,But please bring your one if you wish.Also please bring your own blanket or sleeping bag to keep yourself warm :)

Minimum req.contributions towards our team event expenses  & space kindly provided by The Hive:

Waged – pre-pay only – £10.00 (please bring photo or print of your paypal receipt)

Waged – on the door – £11.00

Unwaged or Students – £8.00 on the door

We look forward to share this nice sonic experience with you  ♥