Picture by Arantxa Echarte
Picture by Arantxa Echarte


The London Basque Diaspora present BASKFEST, a festival celebrating Basque culture across disciplines such as film, music, visual arts, dance, performance, photography and gastronomy.




BASKFEST 2016; JUNE 3-5, 2016

Baskfest is a San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture three day festival exploring the unique traditions of Basque culture via contemporary artistic practices including film & video installation, music, visual arts, dance, performance, photography and gastronomy.

This free week-end event will celebrate the fascinating richness of Basque culture and aims to strike a dialogue about identity, co-existence and interconnectivity.

As part of the San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture programme, the festival brings together both Basque artists who work and live in London and artists associated with Basque culture, offering a unique insight from the diaspora and their associates through a collective ambition and unified vision.

An evening of live performances and art opens the festival on Friday June 3rd. Visitors will be offered the Baskfest pintxo – designed by Arzak, the Michelin starred Basque chef. Saturday, the exhibition will be open throughout the day segwaying into an evening of live music (experimental folk and electro-pop) and DJing alongside a drawing performance and a further opportunity to sample the ‘Baskfest cuisine’. Sunday focuses on the Txalaparta instrument (Basque percussion), featuring a workshop followed by screenings of the multi award winning film documentaries ‘’Nomadak’’ directed by Raúl de la Fuente and ‘’Mugaritz’’ by Juantxo Sardon.

Expect unique, unconventional, thought provoking yet fun performances by dancers Igor and Moreno; music by composers and songwriters Isa Suarez, Iñigo Ugarteburu and Felipe Ugarte; art by Arantxa Echarte and Juanan Eguiguren amongst many more.

FRI 3 JUNE: 6 -9PM

Baskfest Programme

FRIDAY June 3:

6pm- 9pm: Opening of the arts exhibition

7-9pm: Performances

  • Igor and Moreno (dance)
  • Ernesto Sarezale (Live Art)
  • Felipe Ugarte & Juan Ignacio Otegi (live txalaparta)


midday – 7pm: Art exhibition and performance by Juanan Eguiguren

9pm: Liberez (Folk/Experimental)

10pm: Drawing/Music performance by Arantxa Echarte and Isa Suarez

10:30pm: Isa Suarez Band (electro-pop) with special guests

11:30pm – 2am: Dj (techno/funk/other)

SUNDAY June 5:

midday – 7pm: Exhibition

midday – 2pm: Txalaparta workshop with Felipe Ugarte

2pm-2:45pm: Guillermo Presa (music)

3pm-5pm: Film screenings:

  • ‘Nomadak’ by Raúl de la Fuente
  • ‘Mugaritz’ by Felipe Ugarte and Juantxo Sardon

Friday and Saturday: Free tasting of the BaskFest pintxo designed by Arzak, Michelin starred Basque chef.

Visit the LBD website for more info and program updates.