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7-9pm Every Monday

Dance, play, celebrate amazing African music and culture and keep fit in Nelson’s weekly music and dance workshops. A relaxed and friendly way to learn cool dance moves and work up a sweat under Nelson’s gentle instruction.

£8 entry (£6 concessions)


About Nelson and Artviva

Artviva is an art organisation set up by Nelson in Mozambique to promote social change through art. These workshops present various traditional dances from Mozambique, to allow the participants to gain insight into the vast cultural tradition of that country from both pre- and post-colonial times.

In 2013 Nelson worked for Peter Bedford Housing Association as fitness instructor. He developed a dance programme for this organisation, targeted at their wide client base of socially excluded adults, living with a range of disabilities. This fitness programme incorporated influences of traditional African dance and was aimed at motivating these individuals and harnessing their potential to thrive within society.

In the summer of 2011 Nelson designed and ran a course of eight sessions at the Horsebridge Art’s Community Centre (Whitstable, Kent), which trained participants in African dance whilst providing fitness and promoting health living .

July to October 2005 Nelson lead Cultural and Dance Workshop for Bristol County Council as part of the Bristol – Beira twin cities project run by the Council. He hosted a series of workshops on culture, art and dance of its Mozambican twin city, Beira. Also part of this cultural exchange programme he ran discussions on Mozambican artwork ‘Throne of Weapons’ exhibited at Bristol’s City Museum & Art Gallery and dance sessions for young people. Nelson ran a dance course at the University of West England in Bristol, introducing the city of Bristol to Mozambican dance. He also ran these sessions at primary schools in Bristol.

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