Saturday July 23rd, 7-11pm

What is Art Party? >

Art Party is coming back to London as we continue to build and grow our beautiful community of multidisciplinary emerging and established artists.

Hugs + poetry + music + dance + burlesque + cosies + drinks + more!

Entry = 5 quid

Featuring performances from:
Daniel Baker – stand up comedy
Peter Aoun – piano and vocals
Laurie Black – cabaret artist + musician
Vanessa Caspersz (Aus) – beatboxing + uke + vocals
Kevin Panton – poet
Mellie Meteors – singer/songwriter
Mystery Performer – poet
+ more to be announced!

We are here to support the incredible talents of our community and ask that our audience respects the time, effort and care our artists pour into their work. With presence, attention and generosity of spirit, we can help an artist flourish, collaborate, and succeed in their passion.

From little things, big things grow!