Welcome to Amazon Beat’s 5th event, this time we are teaming up with the 10th Native Spirit Film Festival . We will be bringing you a day of film, music, art, workshops for all the family connecting to south american indigenous cultures and environmental issues affecting the amazon rainforest and the Indigenous peoples who live there.

We are very excited to showcase the work of two very special artists from the Amazon region, from the Shipibo People of the ucayali, Peru and Yawanawa tribe in Brazil


▲Lastenia Canayo▲
A Shipibo artist from Peru, has been painting the spirits of Amazonian medicinal plants and animals since she was a child and has been featured in national exhibitions of Amazonian art.

▲Nixiwaka Yawanawa▲
A Yawanawa artist from Brazil has exhibited and worked at the Eden project in Cornwall. His artwork has been developing in recent years having finished his campaign work for indiginous rights with Survival International.

This is a volunteer run non-profit event, for this event we will be fundraising for the Alianza Arkana (Peru) and the Native Spirit Film Festival.

Films curated by Native Spirit Film Festival

Director: Doug LeConte / 2015 / Ojibwe, Canada / 16′

‘Fire of the Final Days’ is a reference to the Seven Fires Prophecy of the Anishinaabeg people, who live in the Great Lakes region of North America. The traditional ceremonies of the Mide are a gateway to the knowledge of the Anishinaabeg ancestors. They are expressions of contentment, respect, and appreciation to the world

Dir. Takumã Kuikuro / 2014 / Kuikuro, Xingu, Brazil Amazon / 19’

Takumã Kuikuro leaves his village, located in the Upper Xingu, Mato Grosso, with his wife Kisuagu Regina Kuikuro and their children to live in Rio de Janeiro for a while. A picture of the Brazilian contrast between a tribe’s imaginings and the realities of a metropolis.

▲Tapajos I Love You (sight/sound/smell Installation between films)▲
Cameraman Darren Zed traveled to the Santarem area of the River Tapajos visiting local rainforest areas. He presents the sights and sounds of the forest in this north western corner of Brazilian.

▲68 VOCES▲
Selection of animated short film series featuring some of the 68 Mexican indigenous language variants.

Dir. Gabriela Badillo / 2016 / Náhuatl, México / 2’

Dir. Gabriela Badillo / 2016 / Huasteco, México / 3’

Killari fears the character of Aya Huma (better known erroneously as Devil Uma) a spirit that appears in the festival of Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun), but has a close encounter.
Dir. Anthony Yamberla Cordova / Kichwa, Ecuador / 3’

A shepherdess takes her sheep to the top of the mountain searching for a special moment. Mariana Carrizo performs a song by Chacho Echenique, in this videoclip produced by El Birque Animaciones.
Dir. Juan Manuel Costa and animated by Agustín Touriño / Aymara, Chile / 2015 / 4’

Kachkaniraqmi is a Quechua expression that means ‘I continue being, I still am’, this documentary invites us to delve deeply into very unique and distinct worlds in this celebration of Peru’s rich musical heritage.
Dir. Javier Corcuera / 2012 / Perú, Quechua, Shipibo / 110’

Film Tent Floor

▲Andy O Rouke ▲
Munduruku Portraits painted by Welsh artist Andy O rouke . We are selling these large works to help raise funds for the ongoing Munduruku Campaign.

▲Brazilian documentary photo exhibition▲
Anderson Barbosa is a Brazilian photographer who has been documenting the Munduruku indians in the Brazilian Amazon and the threat to their ancestral lands.

▲▲Amazon Experience with Rudy Rocha▲▲
Rudy Rocha is a Brazilian artist and musician who works with communities and schools to bring them closer to Brazilian culture, mainly with carnival culture.
He will be taking you on an interactive and virtual journey to the heart of the Amazon, to explore the sounds of the rain forest with his vast selection of instruments.

Grassy Noel Poetry
Our resident poet with a backgound in Latin American studies/experiences will be on the mic

(small £donation per workshop) / Times tbc 4-7pm
Suitable for kids and adults. Take part, take away, learn something new and have fun.

▲▲Puppet Show- ‘The Secret Keeper’ ▲▲
followed by a workshop
by Araceli Cabrera Caceres

Araceli will be showcasing her new piecce of object puppet theatre, ‘The Secret Keeper’. She will be running a workshop for children and parents in puppetry of natural objects called spirits of the forest. If children wish to collect natural materials form the forest to bring and animate feel welcome.

▲Fabric patchwork & Collectve Banner making▲
-Guest artist led banner collective patchwork quilt making with Scorpio and Maria Kinetica.

▲Mural Art▲
Jungle creatures and patterns Mural Painting. with Jaimie from AeroArts & guests

TALKS & Water Blessing
Indigenous Kichwa Amazonian shaman from the rainforests of Ecuador will speak about the life and struggles in Ecuador.

▲Nixiwaka Yawanawa▲
Nixiwaka from the Yawnawa tribe in Brazil will be talking about his experience campaigning with Survival International and his time in England.

▲Water blessing with Daniela Oliveros▲
Daniela from Venezuela has been involved with working with cacoa ceremonies and Venezuelan indiginous communities and will be performing a water blessing. More info to follow…

Bombotropical djs and guests
“DrumSong “8pm
Drumming and singing with Nadia Al Faghih Hasan.
DJs > 7-9pm

Junior Otamon▲▲ – Sao Paulo musical explorer

Nina Miranda & Larissa (Udigrudi) dj set▲▲
Nina Miranda is an accomplished musician mixing contemporary sounds with Afro-braziian influences.
Larissa (Udigrudi) will be digging some classic Brazilian selections from her well travelled bag.

Amarral & Visuals▲▲
Brazilian Amarral mixes traditional rhythms with electronic beats to present the new face of tropical music

LIVE MUSIC 9-10:30pm
Lokandes, fronted by whirldwind musical maestro Kanti Qena, are a band that mix the roots of traditional Andean music and intertwine them with diverse genres ranging from Reggae, Cumbia, Ska, Jazz, Son, Rumba Folk and Afro-Latin.

▲Shipibo embroided Tellas from women living along the ucayali river in Peru.
“Shipibo designs have their origin in the non-manifest and ineffable world in the spirit of the Rainforest and all who live there” – Howard G. Charing ▲

▲ YUME chocolates. Raw vegan chocolate from Christina▲

▲TAGUA & Marta’s facepainting tbc ▲
A sustainable alternative to ivory, Tagua is the seed of a tropical palm tree grown in South America. To make our jewels we use seeds from Phytelephas Macrocarpa and Phytelephas Aequatorialis, both found in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador.

▲Healing the Land project▲
We are hoping for this project that aims to buy and portect Cofan land in Putemayo, Colombia will be able to represent and share their vision

▲Amazon Beat// Info Stall ▲
Screen printed t-shirts, Moringa Powder, Handicrafts from Peru,

2pm-Midnight ▲ £5-8 Suggested donation
Bring your own alcoholic drinks for free
Tasty Food will be provided by Red Moon Roots

Suggested Donation
All Day (incl evening) ticket £8.50
Evening ticket 7-11pm £5.50

Fundraising Info Links
Alianza Arkana, Peruvian NGO working with indigenous Shipibo peoples in the fields of Permaculture, Intercultural Education and Ecosocial Justice.