A one-day festival of film, music, workshops, art & the environment.

Connecting to the Amazon rainforest, climate change and Latin American culture.

Fundraising for the Munduruku Campaign (Brazil) & Alianza Arkana (Peru)


Sunday 18th oct @ the Hive – Dalston, 260-264 Kingsland Road, E8 4DG)

2pm-Midnight ▲ £5-8 for Day/Evening tickets

Bring your own alcoholic drinks for free



Welcome to the first AMAZON BEAT event, here to spread the news of the human and environmental stories in the Amazon Rainforest and celebrate the culture, art, and music of Latin America.

Come down during the day and visit the film tent, participate in a workshop, enjoy a meal, talk, check the info stalls, dance, and enjoy and inform yourselves. Then in the evening the sounds of Latin America and tropical neighbours with djs Kalinka (BomboTropical), Larissa Schlei, Junior Otamon, Oli Hurez and renowned Cumbia/Afrolatin original vinyl dj, Natty Bo.

We’re very pleased to have LetDrumBeat headlining our evening dance, an all female quartet combining their afro-latin-brazilian heritage to create unique infectious rhythms.


This is a volunteer run non-profit event with the intention to collaborate and share, and we are looking for people to get involved in this and future events. Get in touch here for now, https://www.facebook.com/AmazonBeat

Keep an eye out for more acts and films to be confirmed.

The Hive’s Cafe will be open throughout the day, as well as our Special SusyQuatro Veggie Venezuelan fusion street food stall. Bring your own alcoholic drinks for free.


Film Tent / 4-7pm


▲Weaving Resistance (Brazil) 26mins▲

The Brazilian government is planning to build a vast number of big dams on the rivers around the Amazon Rainforest, destroying biodiversity and disrupting the way of life of thousands of Amerindians and local populations. This film looks at life in a Munduruku village, where traditional skills are practised and children are brought up with remarkable freedom. It documents the growth of resistance, even among the women, not traditionally fighters, some of whom are emerging as guerreiras (woman warriors).

▲Pastaza (Peru) 44mins▲

A film for people who care about water and life; PASTAZA illuminates the reality of the indigenous peoples who live in the Peruvian Amazon, in zones of severe contamination resulting from almost half a century of oil exploitation.

India Banks, volunteer and media coordinator from Alianza Arkana will be giving a talk and Q&A about the film.

▲Blood of the Amazon 90mins▲

One woman’s story as she travelled from the headwaters in Ecuador to Brazil.

In a variety of boats she journeyed down the Amazon researching the effects of the oil industry on the environment and indigenous people who live there.

▲Winds of Change (UK/Peru)  22mins  Dir: Alex Bak▲

We have reached a point where climate change is visibly damaging the livelihoods of rural Peruvians, who struggle ever more for water and electricity. A tireless farmer, with the help of renewable energy, is the first in his village to bring light to his home.

▲Tapajos I Love You (sight/sound/smell Installation between films)▲

Cameraman Darren Zed traveled to the Santarem area of the River Tapajos visiting local rainforest areas. He presents the sights and sounds of the forest in this north western corner of Brazilian.

More films and Brazilian documentary photo exhibition about Amazonian land rights to be confirmed…..


Workshops (small £donation per workshop) / 2-7pm


Screenprinting and stencil printing (Minesweeper Collective & Alba) – Make your own t-shirt, poster or card with Deptfords finest screen printers

Urban Permaculture:

Recycling plastic containers into wall planters and balcony wormeries.

Recycled plastic weaving.

Tyre recycling: make a tyre wall climber and tyre furniture.

Transplanting aloe vera.

Know your local herbs/ herbal medicine workshop, the Forest School & friends

Recycled Sculpture and Amazon Creature Making for kids and big kids ;-0  With Rusty Nutt





BomboTropical Djs

▲DJs > 7-Midnight▲

Larissa Schlei – Brazilian Londoner and her partner in vinyl pleasure

Junior Otamon – Sao Paulo musical explorer

Oli Hurez – Tropical vinyl gems from international French man

Natty Bo – South London character with the finest of rare and classic cumbia and afro-latin treats


LetDrumBeat (Brazilian all female Afro/Latin Precussion and Vocals)


Fundraising Info Links


Alianza Arkana, Peruvian permaculture project



The Mundurku people & Tapajós river hydroelectric dam projects