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All Quiet in Hebron 


12th-26th September,  2pm-8pm* [closed Sundays and Mondays]

Photographer Michael Calvert presents a drive-by reportage from H2, the Israeli-controlled section of the
divided West Bank city of Hebron.

H2 has the feel of no-man’s-land; entry is by checkpoint or armoured
bus, blocked roads, shuttered shops, barbed wire – everything points
to a frozen conflict, a brittle calm but violence and death not that
distant – and scattered within are the remnants of a Palestinian
community and three pockets of settlers, watched over by a weary IDF.
It has the feel of a ghetto – but for whom?

The great irony about Hebron is that the huge Herodian tomb of Abraham and Sarah is central to both Islam and Judaism. Jews and Muslims each have their exclusive part of the structure.

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*the Craft theatre group will be rehearsing Dantes’ Inferno in the gallery on some afternoons*