Installation piece

Saturday Jan 23, Noon-23:00
Sunday Jan 24, Noon-20:00

Think, where did you last laugh? 

A Laughing Matter is an installation inspired from the works of Mikhail Bakhtin, a Russian philosopher on Carnival Laughter. The installation seeks to explore the transgression of laughter spaces over time; which led to the subversion of laughter’s ability to inspire collective social and political change. 

During the Renaissance, carnival laughter helped to not only suspend hierarchy but also invert it. It was preached as seriously as the church and was regarded as an important social festivity. Over time hierarchy became constrained to the church and corporate realms, pushing carnival laughter aside into lower realms of purely entertainment. A Laughing Matter invites the viewer to contemplate the structures in society and investigates where and how laughter is experienced today through video-art, interactivity, and sculpture.  

open to the public, free entry (donations welcome)