HSP hive newsletter

On Friday March 18th the Hive plays fabulous host to the second Hula Hoop Sparkle Party. January’s Disco theme was a great success and March’s ‘Superstar’ Theme hopes to be just as much hoop sparkle fun!!!!

Amy HoopLovin and Mela Wella of Twogether yoga; both passionate hoopers and conscious party goers, decided to combine forces and organise such events to unite the forever growing hoop community, in a fun and safe space. Then throw a ton of love and sparkles on it for good measures!

The Hula Hoop Sparkle Parties offer:
– The finest selection of enlivening, bouncy and uplifting music to spin too!
– A friendly and welcoming space to explore Hoop Dance
– An opportunity to watch and perform in our SuperStar Renegade
Showcase! You can showcase a new act and/or perform for the very first time! We will have space for 5 hula hoop acts and 1 variety act. By participating in the show you will get a FREE TICKET to the next Hula Hoop Sparkle Party

There will be delicious vegan food being served for just £5 a plate courtesy of The Hive as well as tea and coffee. You can also give your energy and taste buds a boost with a fine selection of healthy, energising and yummy raw chocolate treats for you to purchase at the cafe bar.

7pm – Arrive & Freestyle Hoop Jam. You’re welcome to hang out, have tea, have chats, stretch and play!
8pm – Hula Hoop Workshop with Lottie Lucid
8:30pm – Hula Hoop Workshop with Lottie Lucid
9.10pm – Hoop Movement & Yoga Stretch led by Mela
9:30pm – SuperStar RENEGADE SHOW!

Tickets for this 4 hours of jam packed hooping goodness is an absolute bargain at £15!! The EARLY BIRD price is £10 (until 4th March)

You can visit the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/235317963469712/

or email Mela at twogetheryoga@gmail.com for more details!

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/superstar-hula-hoop-sparkle-party-londontickets-