Friday 30th September  6-10pm

Join us in support of bettering the current living conditions for refugees in Northern Greece.

We are having an exhibition night of photography and film showing three young women’s experiences volunteering in refugee camps.

30th of September 6-10pm at The Hive with live music, speakers and an auction of art work from talented and generious artists. Ticket prices and more guests to be announced!


Lineup –
Umair Aziz
Paul Adams

Speakers –
Merel Graeve from Better Days

Art from-
Gilbert and George

Come join us in supporting the possibility of change, although we cannot physically be out there, we can help, and with enough awareness others can to. Any donations however small or large are much needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Who are we raising funds for?
The NGO Better Days is persevering to show that with an equivalent amount of money it is possible to build a refugee residence where the basic human rights and living conditions are met. Volunteers and refugees together are creating self-sustaining communities that include basic necessities like an education centre, medical services, women’s centre, farmland etc.

The first of their centres is called “Elpida” ( meaning hope in Greek). It is a pilot project, that will be providing 700 residents accommodation during their wait for asylum. All the NGO ‘staff’ are unpaid volunteers and the organization runs entirely on donations, thus every donation matters. You could find more about the project on Elpída Home’s facebook page.

Right now there are about 14,000 refugees who are currently based in military camps around Northern Greece. The vast majority of those refugees are currently living in the poor conditions that do not meet the sanitary, fire risk or safety standards necessary to even keep livestock.

Who are we?
Myself and two other young women Ipek and Itahisa have just spent time in Greece volunteering, giving aid to many displaced people in camps. We have all recently returned to London after being confronted with the different realities of the refugee crisis, and are now putting on a fundraiser for needed volunteer groups in the affected areas. We are hoping that through this fundraiser we can shed light on the situation and expand the solidarity that exists for these people in need, but we need as much help as we can get.