Launching Thursday May 11th, then May 25th & June 9th.


For the Earth element we will be predominantly embracing the yin, feminine, Mother Earth spirit. For the introduction we will be discussing and exploring how we are affected by the earth element, each season and how to synchronise our bodies with each transition period. Following the introduction with a meditation held by Jade Lotus.

Earth = Unity & Balance

Earth symbol = Yin & Yang

Earth characteristics = grounded, practical, reliable, honest, kind and empathetic

Earth’s worldly lessons = establishing healthy boundaries and being self-sufficient, to give and not expect to receive and to live abundantly while maintaining a humble/ centred state of awareness

Body organs: stomach (yang) and spleen (yin)

Earth Colours = yellow // yang & gold // yin

Earth Emotion: sympathy / empathy


7-8 // Jazz + Acoustic + Alternative

8-9 // Live music ~ TBA

9 – 10 // Ambient + Deep House

Food + Drink

1st floor – Vegan Cafe food

2nd floor – Raw Vegan Desserts + Fresh juice + Tea + Coffee


Art supplies (we will have some materials and tools – donated art supplies)

Blankets / towel / robe

Personal items representing EARTH (optional)


Bring your own Business’ (including business cards/flyers etc.)

Art exhibition ~ Ella Kalfayan

Shakti Jñāna Handmade jewellery ~ Miri Hane

Haenep Hemp Tea & Hemp seeds

Entry Prices

£5 Booked class

£8 Drop-in

For booking email, send me a private message on a Facebook or send a text:



// 07557237334

WELD project is a birthing of a nudist life drawing community for women. Its objective is to empower women of all backgrounds; cultures, ethnicities, sizes, ages and sexual agendas.

The classes range from beginners to intermediate, establishing interactive learning and feedback.

Discussing issues of suppression due to the collective conditioning of society, including eating disorders or any form of self-harm.

WELDing a platform for women to express freely and safely, this allows a progressive collective awareness to be recognised, reaching out to many other communities.

Unify & Grow

Each class will be represented by an element, expressed through media, tools, decor, props, poses and discussion (inspired by Taoist alchemy).

This induces us to reconnect with our emotional, physical and spiritual being.

Earth = Grounding (Root)

Water = Emotions / Creativity (Sacral)

Fire = Expression / Sexual Energy (Solar Plexus)

Air = Motion (Heart)

Spirit = Communication (Throat)

Light/ Dark = Intuition / Balance (Third Eye)

Space/ Time = Pure Awareness (Crown)