Saturday October 8th 12.30-11pm

We Are Artists are holding our first community event, Wild London, on the 8th October at Hive Dalston that allows the public to contribute to a collaborative mural with profesional artists. This event is to give the public an opptunity to work on a mural and to also raise awareness and collect donations of Project Paintbrush.

Project Paintbrush has the aim of bringing art into the lives of disadvantaged and displaced children around the world by providing them with the tools, skills and opportunities to express themselves through art. Many disadvantaged children grow-up without art being a part of their lives. Each of these children has a story to tell and art gives them the medium to express their thoughts and feelings but also to just have fun.

Our goal is to provide each disadvantaged child with an Artist Toolkit which consists of a pencil, paintbrush, a set of paints and sketch book.

In December, our first mission is to collaborate with two schools in India, one in Gujarat and one in Goa, and hold our first public Project Paintbrush event where we give each child a Artist Toolkit and we collaborate on a mural with them.

We see the joy and freedom of expression that creating art brings into to the lives of everyone we work with and giving these children an experience and a project can help bring creativity into their lives.

Please show your support by donating or by coming along to our first ever collaborative community event on the 8th of October at Hive Dalston where you’ll be able to participate on a live mural and learn more of how you can get involved with Project Paintbrush.


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