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My name is Ian and I am a performing artists, music producer and handyman Plus Plus.
I live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Shell Shock), Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety & Depression. This means I struggle to make friends, trust the environment and operate in society in a normal fashion.

I am from a long line of military service men and as a young man I chose to create rather than destroy. Making art rather than war has been a sanctuary for me over the last 20 years and I have been committed to finding why there is so much conflict in the world.

My condition has been detrimental to reaching my potential as an artists and my independence. However thanks to a healthy life style, Hive (Dalston) & Re-Space this condition has been greatly improved and as a result I am so pleased to produce a musical show in January called TRANSFORMER.

This show is a glimpse into the massive art works I have created over the years of living with my condition and a testament of the potential for Art as a treatment for mental illness.

transformer_ianHaving a personality disorder is great for creating character.


Over my years of treatments through the NHS I have had some success.

I managed to keep a job with one of the biggest event companies in the UK and worked on productions with Sting, Elton John, Stevie Wonder in some of the most amazing venues in the UK. Once I even visited a Air craft carrier to collect some kit.

I managed to study 4 years at a professional Acting School
I entertained in local pubs, clubs, schools and societies as a DJ, Karaoke Compare and Children’s Entertainer and worked as a DJ for Kill The (Wedding DJ)

I have produced more than 400 Songs, 5 books and 3 screen plays and even designed a sustainable transportation company.

I have just emerged from a low period in my life and while I have my foot in productivity and strength I have written the script for Transformer and pushing against those barriers once again. See Im not stupid but the stress can be paralysing.

One of my biggest set backs in my life is functioning in a group. I can manage for a period of time but extending this period has always created problems. I am yet to discover how a healthy life style has effected my conditions and this show may just do that.
The shows will be in January and its full of interesting content, surprises, original music, Drama and Dance with some crowd participation and wonder.
It is suitable for family as I am not a fan of swear words in my art productions but I am a fan of the display of Drama so the works can be quite powerful.
However the theme is Transformation and there is many in the shows at many levels.
So if you can spare the time to come and support my show you will be helping me to pay my own way in life and get of the benefits with the potential to secure a future in sales of my music and developing more art works to inspire others with hope and the power of art.

You can visit these sights for a glimpse of the art while in production (Work in progress)

I would like to thank Hive Re-Space, Impart, East15, UHSU, Starlight Design Ltd, Epping Forest College, LBWF, Asham Homes and all of you tax payers for helping me through my struggles.

Tickets for the show are £7 for adults and £3 for children
Tickets for the after parties are £5
Tickets for both are £10 Adults and £5 for children.

The venue does not sell alcohol! However we do offer pre-paid drinks vouchers when you purchase your ticket that you use to collect your drinks with at the event.

The Hive cafe will be serving vegetarian food, tea and soft drinks
For more info and ticket sales call AS1 Productions 07946 511 825