7th-9th July, free, 2nd floor

(selective attention?) ____ these works are about perception – perceiving each other (the way we perceive ourselves). they are about connections – the one with that broken foot, (and memories of more), the sun-kissed ______.

they are about the (blank space) we find ourselves in / _________ beauty in cracked doors. they are about not knowing (and not wanting to).

the smell of orange oil, slipped into the water of the tub – the birth of a baby, growing into trees – the footsteps taken to bridge mistakes.

exhibiting artists:
Callum Cound 
James Darby 
George Dixon
Jake Farrant
Dorothy Graham and Jordan Chandler 
Hansika Jethnani
Sophie Popper 
Sid and Jim
Adam Paroussos and Katharina Joy Book

UAL Philosophy Society End of Year Exhibition 
at the Hive Dalston

supported by Arts SU (www.facebook.com/artssulondon)

curated by Katharina Joy Book and Hansika Jethnani

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ualphilosoc@gmail.com / instagram @ualphilosoc / Twitter @UALPhilosophy

& join us on 7th July from 6PM for our opening night! (drinks, dance)