The Liberation Project by Shoshana Rose Stern


Saturday December 12th 10am-6pm

The Oxford dictionary definition for liberation is ‘Freedom from limits on thought or behaviour’. This is the basis of what Shoshana hopes to achieve throughout her workshops. The Project focuses on positive transformation through nudity. We liberate ourselves by shedding our outer layers, our clothing. As our clothing is removed some participants chose to voice the psychological shift they are experiencing. Others remain silent lost in their own wonderment. We are able to feel, using our senses in a childlike, more instinctual way. We feel truly Liberated, at peace with others and ourselves and blissfully happy.

The day will be split into 4 parts:

stage 1 – I Am an Open Book
Can I open up to you? like really open up?
Can I just say what’s on my mind and be accepted?
How much do you connect with the words I’m speaking?
Is the world written on our bodies? Do we stop for a moment before acting in our habitual ways; seeing only stereotypes, judging, dismissing, hurting others? The 21st century is framed by our ‘understanding’ of everyone and everything around us, yet the surface tells us nothing. While our clothes tell others of our walk in life, our first basic initial exchanges give others only a superficial glimpse of ourselves.
However, our objective today is to do away with assumptions and labels, starting with your clothes. To reveal ourselves, we shall expose body and soul, for neither can be fully appreciated with either being obscured. Like children who can bathe together, honest and unembarrassed, we as enlightened adults should be able to see another body without it being sexual.
Now we are all open books waiting to be read. One by one, little by little; we’ll turn the pages for others to see, a line, a paragraph, a chapter; your own book. Together, as a collective; individual embarrassment can be forgotten, and like progenies of thought we’ll pool the good and the bad.
The point in essence, is to create a dialogue and understanding which is almost banned to us in modern society; by shedding clothes, we can work at lowering our mental barriers placed by society and make an attempt at a real connection.

stage 2 – Reflection, Social, and Lunch

stage 3 – Let me be my child!
Time to get messy, have fun, and release energy.

Stage 4 – A Body Map of Our Emotions
This workshop will encourage us to delve into our inner selves to explore our true emotions.
We merge our energies to become one. As we meditate, we meditate as a united whole, this bond is established for the rest of our journey together in the workshop. We talk about what colours signify to us, and how we associate colours with our emotions. We discuss our understanding of innocence, vulnerability and creativity. We then talk through a meditation focused on colour.
When we are all comfortable, we take the first step into the Liberation process. We shed our clothing.
We fight our vulnerability with love. We then have the opportunity to let our inner child out. Becoming more aware of our inner child, our subconscious is more able to reveal our true selves, our true emotions.
Once we feel at one with our child, we work through an exercise together to explore our emotions through colours. Together we will work out the meaning of your colour choices. Slowly you are revealing your inner emotions to yourself, you are given an insight which allows you to see yourself in a new, accepting and unconditionally loving light.


Please contact Shoshana directly to keep a small number of people in the workshop to allow you gain more from the experience.

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Shoshana Rose Stern is an up and coming Performance Artist who focuses on experience, emotions and the human body. She has a B.A. in Fine Arts and is currently undertaking her Masters in Art Therapy under the auspices of the NHS.

In the past year she has worked with The Alchemist Theatre Company who produced a show based on The Liberation Project which performed at The Place in Euston, Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and the Vault Festival, Waterloo 2015.

Shoshana has also worked with the International musician Andreea Verde and her team. Shoshana jointly produced a song with them for a whole album inspired by the Liberation Project. She has collaborated with many cutting edge London artists, all of them working with the Liberation Project as their inspiration. Her most recent work outside of The Liberation Project is her curatorial and joint management of the community project centre in Dalston, called The Hive.