THE HEATHROW 13 – Theatre Performance


In July 2015, 13 activists occupied the Northern runway at Heathrow airport as a protest against airport expansion.

Inspired by and with the support of the Heathrow 13, this is a celebratory performance project with activist intent. The aim is to create a performance that can tour the UK, raising awareness about some surprising facts about aviation and inspiring audiences to join the campaign against airport expansion and to take action on climate change more widely.

Building on successful work-in-progress showings at the Central School of Speech and Drama and the Cambridge Junction the Hive is hosting a week of research and development leading up to performances on the:

•     9th Tuesday performance night: 8:30 till 10pm, 1st floor.
•    11th Thursday performance night: 8:30 till 10pm, 1st floor.
•    14th Sunday – performance night: 8:30 till 10pm, 1st floor.
•    18th Thursday –  performance night: 7-10pm, 1st floor.
•    19th Friday – performance night: 7-10pm, 1st floor.
•    20th Saturday –  performance night: 7-10pm, 1st floor.