Fridays: 1-2:30pm

‘Het-Heru Studios’ brings to you classes with a holistic view of your internal and external needs. These classes are designed for a range of ages and abilities, and will be an informative and fun way to connect and understand more about your body and it’s natural rhythms and dynamics.

Drawing from the grounded movement of Caribbean and African dance styles, as well as Contemporary dance and Ballet, these class will get you feeling more comfortable on the dance floor while giving you a full body work out and leave you feeling energised and refreshed. From my experience as a martial-artist there will also be incorporated into the class strength work and flexibility in a way that enhances the bodies freedom and range of movement. This is a class designed for every-body so whether or not you have ever danced before, if you are a mother who would like to spend some time with your young children in a relaxed environment, or if you simply want to shake of some stress, these classes are for you.

Monique Etienne has been dancing from childhood, studying ballet for ten years and has been studying African and Caribbean dance for the last two years. An assistant dance teacher throughout her teenage years, she has a lot of teaching experience especially with children. She also draws inspiration from Martial Arts, being a black belt in Karate and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and this passion informs her dance. Her aim is to make people more aware of their bodies as a dynamic system that stores stress, and to help them alleviate tension and experience joy through physical expression.

Het-Heru, also known as Hathor, is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Dance, Music and Love. She represents the aim of these classes, reconnecting us through the creative principle to mental balance and individual and social harmony.

£7 and  £5 concession (students, the disabled, those on benefits etc)