7 – 8 P M 1 ST FLOOR

Every Wednesday the hive will be hosting an evening of philosophical, scientific an spiritual debate. Issues/themes will be on the topics of theoretical physics, philosophical terminology, ancient philosophy, spiritual terminology, scientific theory and any of aspects of human conscientiousness.

The evening will start with a 10 minute discussion on what the theme should be for discussion. Then we will form a large circle
where people are free to express their views on the theme to the rest of the circle.

Each person will be allowed 3 minutes and cannot be interrupted. Afterwards we will split into smaller groups to debate amongst ourselves the views expressed. This wlll be repeated 2 more times for each category. So this process will happen 3 times for Science, philosophy and spirituality.

This is the first time i have done this so at the end we will review and criticize the procedures and structure of the evening.

If you have trouble with money or any questions please speak to Lee on 07704912041.

From 6 until 8 followed by a music jam from 8 till 11 in the evening.
ENTRY £3 (This includes tea and biscuits.)
Togas, Top hats and white coats!!