Thursday November 10, 7-10pm

An invitation to unfold as your deepest truth. As we sit together in meditation, we are not practicing any technique, or trying to achieve any kind of peace, hap piness, or special state. Anthony guides meditation as simply sitting with the commitment to total honesty – seeing how we are trying to manipulate our minds or bodies – and feeling how this limits us. We are invited to bravely give up our habitual self-protections, and begin to trust the intuitive wisdom-action of our deeper heart.

In Satsang our honesty brings forth questions, sharings, and silence, which point us to our own natural awakened state, and the potentially painful barriers which appear to keep us from ourselves. And while the various facets of our true nature are recognised, like Stillness, Emptiness, Pure Love, Power, Energy, Humanity, Creativity – the true heart of surrender is found in the cont inual willingness to honour and enjoy the play of all of this without control or manipulation.

☰ About Anthony ☷

Anthony works with meditation and physical practices to faciliate Awakening, and the integration of Realisation throughout the emotional and energetic system of the body, and into life.

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