13th September, 8-10pm

Join us for an evening of sacred dance, connection and sensuality. We will begin by opening up our bodies through movement to awaken our senses and remember our sensual selves. 

We will then be invited to take off the protective masks we often wear to discover a deep connection with ourselves, our fellow humans, and to life itself. We will be guided through vulnerable, heart opening and playful exercises, rotating to explore with different partners to celebrate everyone including yourself as a luscious human and a reflection of the divine.

Next it’s time to get sensuous as we learn the basics of conscious touch, energy play AND sensual massage. We will end by integrating and embodying all we’ve learned, taking it into our cells for a more orgasmic life that is a true gift for the entire planet. It doesn’t matter if your with a man, woman or man man, woman woman, this is a human experience.


Shaft is a Sacred Sexual Awakener and is going to show you how to create a MAGICAL ceremony that will leave everyone in ecstatic bliss and even empower you to live the life of their dreams! Sacred Sexual Awakening is the process I’ve developed following a deep immersion in practitioner trainings with the most renowned schools of sacred sexuality and healing worldwide, alongside scores of client sessions, as well as my own ongoing practice. 

I realised that sexual energy, the most powerful energy on the planet, has the capacity to cause both immense suffering and joy and that a woman in touch with her body, heart and yoni (or vulva) has the power to change the world both on a personal and transpersonal level. Sadly, many women are not aware, either of this innate power or capacity for pleasure, nor are the men who love them. And this is where I come in. As an educator, guide, initiator and a channel for the divine masculine presence of Shiva. This is what I will share with you. 

My gift to is to hold a safe space for you to explore and understand the magnificent and transcendent potential of your sexuality, to empower you to discover and ask for what you need and to open your entire being to blissful pleasure.

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