Sacred Sexual Awakening – Heartgasms
Wednesday May 24 – 7.30-9.30

This is the first of a limited series of Sacred Sexual Awakening Workshop from the international Tantra Facilitator Shaft Uddin. Join us for an evening of fully clothed powerfully guided meditations, heart connection and magic. We invite you to take off the protective masks we often wear to discover a deep connection with ourselves, our fellow humans, and to life itself. You will be guided through vulnerable, heart opening and playful exercises, rotating to explore with different partners to celebrate everyone including yourself as a luscious human and a reflection of the divine. I have been asked a lot about how deep we will go and how intimate the exercises will be. To clarify: this is just a sweet and beautiful 2 hour introduction to a much deeper practice. No previous experience is required. You can come with a partner or if there are people there who also come alone, you may choose to work with them. All exercises are invitations and of course nobody has to do anything they don’t want to do. We will be doing excercises to release the feel good chemicals in our bodies. This is a human experience all genders welcome.

Tonights theme is about heart connections. You will learn about dropping into the heart space and leading with the heart and becoming a Love Warrior and the beauty of Heartgasms. The 2hr workshop will consist of: