Monday 12 – Wednesday 21st December

The second Resistance exhibition, bigger and better building up for taking the exhibition mobile to a number of UK cities in 2017

Resistance’ 25 years of protest movements from Twyford Down Road protests to Occupy, from Reclaim the Streets to Reclaim the Power.

A multi media exhibition and beginning of a mobile archive of protests/ social movements.

– Leaflets, Fliers, Newspapers gathered by activists from the heart of the movements concerned.
– Video and Films from Undercurrents / Vision on Tv, Climate Camp TV.
– Photography and photographers, collated and collected by Adrian Arbib
Come to travel in time through 25 years of protest movements, be informed and inspired by previous protests to take action now for a sustainable future.

Bring any leaflets, posters, photos or video on a USB and we will integrate it into the exhibition or archive.

We will be covering some of the Following:
The Road protests 1990s
Anti quarry protest
Anti GMO pro Organic
The Anti Capitalist International summit protests, such as Seattle, Prague, Genoa,Copenhagen, Paris
Anti War protest
Anti Racism
Climate Justice / Climate Camp
Anti fracking
Squatting / Travelling/housing
LGBT and Disability rights
Domestic Violence and Feminism
Reclaim the Streets
Reclaim Love
Reclaim the Power
and much much more……….

We are looking for contributions of leaflets, fliers posters, paperwork
Video and film footage on USB hard drive or DVD
Objects from the protest, D, locks, tripods, arm locks, puppets, costumes, artwork, banners etc
How to guides to protest

We aim to preserve some of this info for future generations and to inspire new waves of activism.

What did you do in the Eco war Daddy/Mummy
Keep networking for people and Planet