Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm

An ongoing series of workshops aimed at the promotion and development of playfulness and creative spontaneity.

What is PlaytoDeath?

PlaytoDeath is a collection of games and exercises that utilise the essence of play to develop an understanding of the innate and ancient creativity within-and without- us all. Through exploring ourselves as playful bodies, and reflecting on the impulses that drive our decisions in games, conscious play can help us develop an understanding of our creative self.

The exercises and games delivered in PlaytoDeath workshops have been created, designed, stolen and developed in order to reconnect participants with their creative spontaneity. The activities aim to open the channels necessary to navigate ourselves back- and forward- to a place of embodiment: a known location within us all, that exists free of strain, and full of presence. A space where movement, cognition, and communication can be expressed- and heard- without privation or excess of energy, but instead finding and honouring a flow of impulses. Working through a series of movement exercises, PlaytoDeath helps deconstruct the layers of daily movement and boundaries. 
Please bring along clothes suitable for movement, fee £5.