Other-ing: Apples and Bananas 
Exhibition July 28 – 30th
An exhibition and weekend of special events by University of Hertfordshire Art Therapy graduates 2017, exploring how ‘Other-ing’ takes place within the therapeutic space and our wider social framework.

Friday 28th July 2017, 18.00 – 23.00
Exhibition private view: Other-ing: Apples and Bananas
Apples and Bananas is a student-led London exhibition showcasing artwork made by graduating MA Art Therapy students from the University of Hertfordshire. This exhibition is a celebration of our shared experience of becoming art therapists. The name reflects a part of our experiential learning in which we were divided into groups – named either apple or banana – to create art alongside each other.

Art therapy is a practice that invites clients to use art materials as a form of self-expression. In doing so, art therapists pay attention to how materials are used and what feelings are being expressed. Through this process, the client and therapist work together to gain insight and understanding. When our tutors told us the course would change us, they were not wrong. After a few years of rigorous training, including experiential workshops, personal therapy and clinical placements, we are a transformed group: more self-aware, resilient and with the integrated tools needed to work with children and adults with a variety of mental health issues in schools, the NHS and the community.

With the spotlight now turned on ourselves, we are considering our own creativity and the space it inhabits. What should an art therapist exhibit? Was the artwork made to be seen? And how important is process versus end product when the audience becomes the general public? Here we show work from various realms both public and private – artwork from our own creative practices, something made in personal therapy and imagery made alongside clients on placement.

Saturday 29 July 2017, 14.00 – 18.00
Workshop: Other-ing: Engaging with our prejudice, power and privilege
Facilitated by Corrina Eastwood, Sarah Furneaux-Blick, Prabhjot Kaur Virk and Shan Rixon

How does privilege create power and how can power lead to an acting on prejudice?
This workshop is for therapists and professionals alike to reflect on working with those who are different to us. As practitioners, we continuously and consciously consider ourselves within the relationship with clients, and explore the impact our own process and personal experiences have on our work.

This session aims to provide a space to further this self-reflection while also evaluating our possible insensitivities to social and cultural forces that may negatively impact these exchanges. An honest acknowledgement of one’s own difference, prejudice and privilege is essential to ethical practice, yet can be potentially uncomfortable and challenging to explore. With power in the professional relationship in mind, the workshop will be considered within an intersectional framework through group discussion, reflection and art making.

Sunday 30 July 2017, 14.00 – 16.00
Talk: Other-ing: Working on the border
Join Art Refuge UK’s Bobby Lloyd and Naomi Press for a talk and panel discussion.

The talk will propose that the art therapy work currently being delivered by Art Refuge UK’s team with unaccompanied minors and adult men in the Calais area of northern France acts in part to provide a form of psychological shelter. This is in a context in which both physical camps and temporary shelters are prohibited, and as a counter to the many human rights violations that are endemic in the France-UK border area.