Organic Speaking

Wednesday 25th May


The power of a smile. 

Improve your confidence and communication skills.

Stand up and speak !


Organic Speaking is about building our confidence and improving our communication and social skills by practicing public speaking exercises in small groups (10 to 15 persons maximum) It’s also a real human experience full of emotion and laughter.
The format of Organic Public Speaking events: Participants are invited to give several short, impromptu speeches to better their public speaking skills, improve their confidence, find out about their unsuspected talents as speakers or performers. It’s also a wonderful human experience full of emotion and laughter.

This group offers a warm and supportive environment in which to practice.

Each person will have several opportunities to speak each evening.

Everyone gets feedback with bespoke exercises to practise on the spot.

There is also an opportunity to practice formal public speaking skills. A manual of guidelines to prepare more formal speeches is available, which covers professional presentations, storytelling, pleas, rants, sermons, real life stories, and lectures. This complements the more informal speed public speaking exercises.

You can download the manual for free at or ignore the manual and progress the way you see fit for yourself!

Here is the link to the event on my website:

Organic Speaking is also on Meetup
And if people have questions they can email me at

Entry = donation