New open community Yoga and meditation sessions.
Run every Saturday at the Hive from 2pm-3pm.
Entry by donation (pay what you can).
The classes are like these:
  • Iyengar yoga (Hatha yoga): Masculine, vigorous with a bit of energetic tension which is released at the end of the lesson. The method is to keep a posture during certain period of time. Usually 3 to 5 minutes, less if the people is not fit.  Help to focus and meditate into the posture. It make oneself fit in a few time. A bit sweaty some times. Silent breath.
  • Asthanga yoga (Hatha yoga): Concatenation of the postures in Iyengar (adding or avoiding some of them). The transition from one posture to another is slow. Five to ten breath in each postures. A bit sweaty. Silent breath. (The name come from the eight states of yoga).
  • Jivamuckti, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket, etc (Hatha): Same that Asthanga but with faster transitions. Completely sweaty. Ujay breath.
  • Yin yoga (Shakti): Feminine, devotional, relaxed, sleepy lazy but effective and accurate yoga. No effort at all, but it help for deep stretch in the mind and tissues. Facilitate relax and meditation. No sweaty at all. Several postures hold for five minutes each. Bolsters or big blocks needed or advised. Silent breath.
  • Kundalini (Sikh yoga,  Raja  yoga). Kriyas or series of repetitive movements (usually in sitting positions and working with the spinal cord and core of the body) for 3, 5, 7 or 11 minutes (depends of the kind of exercise or meditation). Different kinds of breath managing (pranayama) and mantras chants. Could be a bit sweaty sometimes.
  • Meditation. Sitting during 30 minutes in lotus or similar position in silent breath.
  • Kirtan: Chanting mantras.