Date: 30-08-2016
Time: 19.00 to 22.00
‘We are so honoured to see Mara’ akame Dona Micaela and Don Emilio here in London with us. An amazing opportunity has presented itself to join us for a talk on the 30th of August at The Hive in London. This is a precious opportunity to understand the Wixarika  (Huichol) culture and open your mind to alternative ways of life, listen to the wisdom of an ancient tradition that has lived to our days in respect of inner and outer balance with Nature and that is now challenged by the fast changes of our natural world and civilisation.
The Wixarika Nation, have been struggling in the last years to keep their traditions and pilgrimages ongoing. Nowadays the mining companies and the global world are the biggest threat for this culture and for the sites that they protect.
During the evening the Mara’ akame will share pictures of the last year pilgrimage that took place across different sacred sites of Mexico. They will talk about the spiritual-animist-energetic renovation that will need to take place in those ancient sites and
they will share their knowledge about the ‘Gods’.
This is a very important time for the renovation and for this reason, for the first time in many years, the main four ceremonial centres reunited for a pilgrimage; during the pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountains in Mexico they were surprised by a very unusual
snow fall.
The Mara’ aracame Nation is sending now their representatives around the Western World in order to discuss the changes happening in the natural and spiritual world today and to raise consciousness among people outside their community.
During the evening there will be also the chance to socialise, listen to beautiful traditional music played by the son of Don Emilio, Eusebio, as well as admiring beautiful Huichol craft.
Please come along to The Hive in London, to give your support and open your mind to new understandings.
We are looking forward to have an exchange with the public.
Donation: £8.00 or more if you wish