Saturday 8th July MADD Cabaret, 8-2am, 1st Floor

‘The MADD Cabaret’ is a provocative event produced by Joana Palma with the intention to pay tribute to a creative group who squatted in Camden a few years ago.

The group was called MADD Collective, standing for Music, Arts, Drama and Dance.
The collective supported individuals and initiatives providing free space for artists and promoting series of cultural and events. Those would be free or accessible to any social or economic backgrounds with no restrictions.

With the change of the squatting legislation, many projects as such have vanished and The MADD Cabaret aims to keep some of those projects alive.

With poppets show, queer performances, a little bit of a twist and some content for mature adiences, The MADD Cabaret is proud to invite you for an amusing night of satire about the current social, artistic and political context.