Saturday June 11th 10am-6pm


Hello wonderful people:)
We would like to invite you to our LONDON WELLBEING DAY. This programme is about releasing any stress or tension, raising your energy level and sharing the experience with others. For a whole day we will work through layers of masks to reach the core – your true beautiful Self and harmonise it, letting love energy flow freely. Event motto: “LOVE IS THE ANSWER”:)

Come to connect with the source of inner love in you and people around, raise love within yourself and towards others. This world needs GLOBAL LOVE VIBRATION! It is our call to share with you experience & knowledge that boosted our personal & spiritual development during the journey in amazing Himalayas region in India & Nepal.

Yoga practice * Breathing techniques * Laughter Therapy * Self-Healing * Dance * Meditation * Tantric exercises * Relaxation with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Programme will contain 3 main parts:
1•Love Yourself
2•Live in Present
3•Love Others

Organisers: Dawid & Marina, www.dawmar.weebly.com
Contact: 07989 778017, mermina@hotmail.co.uk

Price: £20 – suggested donation on a day
All money we raise after covering our travel & organisational expenditures will go to Nepal Help project https://www.facebook.com/groups/nepalsos/