Taster session Monday 15th August 6pm
7 week ecstatic dance journey  from Monday 22nd August 6pm
Kundalini Dance is a free flow, ecstatic dance practice that is a powerful, shamanic, alchemical transformational tool for self-healing.
Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or new to dancing like no-one’s watching, you will be gently guided into a place where you can look deep within and understand the wisdom of your body. Activating your inner guide, we dance to open space in each of our 7 energy centres (chakras), we then dance to detox any stuck, old, misaligned patterns that have manifested themselves into our being that have blocked us from being truly ourselves. We invite intuition to take the lead as transformation takes place. We open up to creating space for new energetic pathways to form, balancing masculine and feminine energies within, embodying the highest evolutionary possibilities for ourselves and our lives.
A thoroughly attentive process of alchemical breathwork, spontaneous movement, sounding, meditation and prayer, in a Kundalini Dance Session, participants will
~ Purify stagnant emotional energy
~ Reclaim  power and truth while gaining insight and clarity
~ Open their bodies as love
~ Awaken higher consciousness
~ Integrate positive life change
Kundalini Dance is calling to both men and women, no previous dance experience required. This is your own authentic movement, YOUR dance.
Wear loose, light clothing and something warm to wrap up in afterwards. Bring water, a yoga mat, and open mind and your beautiful self! Arrive at 5.45 to ease into the space for a prompt 6pm start.
Lorraine is offering this course as part of her training. For more information and to RSVP contact Lorraine on lorrainekeene@gmail.com or 079 0695 0695.
Suggested donation, £5.