Saturday 30th July, 11-6pm

The vision of Siddha Kundalini Healing is to encourage a collective effort to support life on this planet. To achieve this Dani Sher dreams of reaching out to all those in search of the unknown, of the mysteries, of the unseen and the untold. He calls upon those filled with intrigue, those who are ready to strip back the egoic mind, to open their hearts, to be healed and to learn to heal others.

Connecting ancient wisdoms and technology with the present moment is integral to this mission. The aim is to bring back sacred, ancient, forgotten practices and reignite their powers. Infusing these old, established but somehow forgotten systems into the modern day, offers everyone who is willing, the opportunity to heal, and support life.
Siddha Kundalini Healing presents the mysteries of psychic and telepathic practices. The system of receiving healing, and learning to heal others is designed to bring new ingredients to those on the spiritual path. Elevating and supporting the development of consciousness, this movement provides a safe, secure and supportive platform readily available to everyone.

During this day long introduction workshop you will receive a taster of all that the Siddha science offers. Gathered around a crystal mandala you will be given a briefing about the Siddha lineage before being guided through several activation meditations.
You will also be blessed with the transmission of Deecha energy as well as receiving the first stage of Shaktipat initiation. This is a great privilege and a tantalising experience that will leave you wanting more.

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Entry costs £32.09