We are really looking fowards to our Introduction to Permaculture Course next weekend and hope that you will join us as we have a few  final spaces available.

Saturday 26th 10am-5pm
Sunday 27th 10am-3pm

We also know that September is a very busy month for you all so have added a Saturday day ticket for those of you who would like a taste of what Permaculture is all about.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about permaculture with people from our community so that we can use these design principles to co-create together.

For more info and to register please click here

or email Louisa at louisa.harris@6-heads.com



“An economy that’s aligned with permaculture would be an economy in which the best business decision is the same as the best ecological decision.” – Charles Eisenstein, Inhabit, 2015


In order to be effective in my strategy work with corporates looking for future business models and with start-ups looking to scale ‘disruptive’ business models, I’m always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration.  I’ve recently discovered one that brings together some of the core tools underpinning my work: systems thinking, design thinking, solution-orientation and biomimicry.

I’m talking about permaculture.

The unwieldy description from Wikipedia is: “a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems”.

I’m curious to figure out what this is beyond ‘intelligent gardening’!

Understanding permaculture will give me a fresh way to look at both natural and social structures and perhaps some insight into how we can better design solutions towards creating a thriving and resilient society.

Louisa from 6heads, together with Louis Rutherford from the Gaia Gallery and Claude Oprea from Biomodd London and other very special people are hosting an Introduction to Permaculture Course in East-London on 26 and 27th September.

Want to join me in better understanding what this is all about? And, together with a super group of people explore what it could mean for us as individuals, organisations and change makers.

Places are very limited. Best you join soonish!