Mondays, 6:30-8:15pm (from April 3rd)
Heart Art Relaxation

Take an easy step towards peace!
Relaxation, one step at a time, Wholeness one heartbeat at a time.

Breathing the Life back into you
The first step to relaxation is, am I breathing? Alot of stress and tension builds up in the body, breathing properly is a way to release it, so why doesn’t the breath release all our tension? Because we need to breath deeply, people suffering stress breath into their upper lungs, this keeps it locked in the body. This class will introduce breath techniques that will release the tension and breath the live back into you.

Say Hello to your Body!
Over time we learn to live in our heads, we awake to worries, fall asleep to worries. Over many years this can lead to a deep sense of being disassociated from the body. All kinds of trapped trauma in the body can lead to much unresolved pain. By exploring de-stressing techniques and shaking routines, you’ll be back in your body feeling in new and deeper ways.

Be Still and Know You
You are a person of natural joy and contentment, but we get so busy with our lives we forget our true essence. One way to calm the mind is to focus on the heart, this takes away overexcited mental energy and helps our mind relax. Deal with the mind from the heart and eventually the mind will follow the Heart.
It’s hard to know who we truly are until we calm the mind enough to feel again, then we can become fully embodied. Self realisation come from true relaxation, release and rest, not from delay and distraction, which is what the world mostly offers. Offer yourself something different and leant to increase the Peace!
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About Ashearon
Professional Voice Circle Facilitator for 10 years, Shamanic practitioner, Gong Player and Sound Journeyer, Meditation Facilitator, Cacao and Dance Facilitator, Counsellor and Healing Facilitator.
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