Tues December 20th

Join us for a joyful, invigorating and well balaced practice in the amazing community space called The Hive for a flowing and sysytematic health and fitness practice led by Dom Reza Zaerin (previously known to many as Amar Prem).

What we will do:
A flowing 3 hour practice that merges the best that I have learnt into a cohesive, systematic and utterly cell-tingling experience. We will merge Qi Gong, Yoga, breath-work, self massage, meditation, chanting, bodyweight exercise, deep relaxation, sound bathing and creative pen and paper exercises to completley train and stimulate the body, mind, emotions, spirit and senses. You will feel like a living God or Goddess after this practice. That is my intention for us.

About your Facilitator:
Dominik has studied yoga, personal training, therapies and ‘self-development’ since he was a young teen and since the age of 19 has been practicing this vocation professionally.

He works as a Transformation Coach by creativley fusing his skills as a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist to help his clients and community achieve the result and change they want and need. His classes are fun, inspiring and empowering and there is no doubt you will feel amazing after taking a class.

The Driving Sentiment:
The intention and vision behind this class is to share simple yet potent practices for radiant health and well-being with the London community, to inspire individuals to share focused and sacred space and practices that promotes vitality, human connection and stress relief, to inspire people to learn and apply technology that prevents disease and promotes creativity and energy and much more.

To encourage people to take their health and happiness into their own hands by developing their own health practice. Whatever is not shared is lost, and a candle loses nothing by ligthing another…

Cost and Logistical Information:
– I have decided to let people pay what they can or feel they want to in order to make a stand that this is not about money or profit, but about sharing space, encouraging community and offering the ‘Teachings’ to wonderful beings who are interested to learn… you decide how much you can pay or want to pay. £5, £10, £15, £20… your decide, its your call! Cash only. No need to book, just turn up and apply yourself whole-heartedly.

– Bring a towel, water, training clothes and maybe a shawl or ‘blanky’ too, also a jumper so you dont go home in sweat or wet clothes… bring some snacks maybe to share… easy going, prepared.

– We will be doing a self massage practice that can either be oily and partially nude or you can decide to do it clothed. That is totally your call, but if you do, bring your own oil… if you dont have, we share.

– A pen and notepad… if you want to take notes etc…

– An open mind and heart, eat something before so you are not tired and you can focus and sweat. Don’t worry, this isnt a military bootcamp. You will enjoy it and there will be as much Yin and there is Yang.

Spread the word. Connect to other awesome people! Build the London Tribe. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything. Please share this event with everybody and only click ‘GOING’ if you really intend to come, as we will have limited space and need to work on a ‘first come first served basis’! BE YOUR WORD :)