THREE community venues, ONE special location, SEVEN different areas = ONE awesome event

Passing Clouds, The Silver Bullet and Hive Dalston are proud to present a night of the best of London’s underground.

magic, music, subversive advertising exhibition, dancers, street performers, immersive theatre, mc’s, dj’s, Date the Hive Diner, lounge singers… and much much more… 7 areas of themed take-over with live Hive Radio broadcasting the highlights all night long… you’ve never seen the Hive like this – bursting at the seams with entertainment, spectacle and enjoyment!

7 different areas of entertainment – Disco Inferno, Vaudeville, Central Park, Date The Hive Diner, The Streets, Studio 9, Our Yard


29/11/16 - Pre-Production Confirmation


He’ll give you night terrors!gta-gore
Summoning spirits, sawing ladies in half with a chainsaw and pushing needles through his face… just some of the madcap madness and magic Dr. Gore will bring to the Vaudeville stage at GTAudio!
Trained by a witch doctor, a shaman and a voodoo priest, Doctor Gore is a bizarrist, a mentalist and a whole lot of fun to be around, catch him early for his spectacular Night Terrors show then see if you can find him later where he may chop off your head…
…and, if you’re lucky, he might even put it back on again!

27/11/16 - Pre-Production Confirmation


Turn on, tune in and rock out…
Confirmed to host for the evening – bringing high vibes and low bass notes – Marv Radio will be introducing you to all the amazing things that will be happening all around you..

23/11/16 - Pre-Production Project Launch


It’s time to take back the music…Suspenses Logo.png
Valentine’s day 2017 will be a day when love shines through and we begin to take the music back!
Night of Suspenses ( is back with a one off Hive take-over. Some of you may know that the Suspenses went on from doing awesome arty parties in empty buildings all over London to forming ReSpace and The Hive… but it’s only now that they are ready to do their first party in nearly two years.
And all for a good cause… it’s a Hive fundraiser, but it’s also because London’s music scene is under attack – developers and policies designed to make places and make money are stripping the underground and the community of their spaces – we need to get together to push back.
Suspenses have always specialised in parties with a purpose and their code was “by everyone – for everyone” Grand Theft Audio: Hive will be no different… we plan to take the Hive to it’s limits using every space as creatively as we can. Multiple stages, exhibitions, live radio. God only knows what’s going to happen next!