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Art for Action is an International Community Arts Organisation and will be showcasing their work since 2012, including the most recent project at Calais Refugee Camp.

‘Far Away Faces’ at The Hive in Dalston will run from the 6th – 16th October.

The Launch night is the 6th, starting from 6pm till late.

Collaborating with F8 photography collective’s exhibition upstairs.

Art for Action runs street art projects, portrait and canvas workshops for children and young people living in marginalised communities and documents this with photographs and short films.





Art For Action will be showcasing the work produced in Iraq refugee camps, Colombia, Sri Lanka, The Gambia and Egypt.

Artwork created by refugees in the Calais Refugee Camp, AKA “The Jungle”: the artwork for this part of the project is being produced at workshops in collaboration with Art In The Jungle and will also include the paintings of Alpha, a Mauritania artist living at the Calais camp.

ALL profits from Calais artwork sold will be donated to Art In The Jungle.



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The founder of Art For Action, Rose Illingworth, will be exhibiting her portraits of people she has worked with since 2012. Portraits that reflect the socio, political and humanitarian issues the people in her paintings have to overcome.

10% of profits from the original paintings sold will go back to the partner organisations Rose has worked with, therefore directly helping the persons in the painting.

Rose Illingworth said: “We use art as a means of spreading awareness, and give a voice to young people that otherwise may not be heard. Their stories can be told through the art work and at the same time it gives them a chance to be part of an art project that involves their creativity and expression which can be seen in their immediate surroundings. This gives them a sense of importance, and they are part of a project that will be seen by many.”

See more here: www.artforaction.co.uk