Matthew Aslett, Louis Dowse, Chris Calvert, Tom Daams, Julia Kochetova, Sam Peat, Pierre Alozie, Hubert Klusky, Letitia Kamayi, Kieran Cudlip, Joanna Coats, James Fisher

F8 are a documentary photographic collective concerned with human rights, social welfare and the human condition. Our subjects include conflict, migration, identify, welfare and politics.

F8 photographers present work for the first time as a collective . The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of talks and practical workshops around various aspects of contemporary documentary photographic practice.

12th  October
– Pinhole Photography 4-6pm.
A child friendly introduction to pinhole photograph with photographer Hubert Klusky.

– Photography for change, 7-10pm.

15th October
– Photographing poverty
A discussion around the strategies and ethics of photographing poverty.

The full program of events will be made available online via Twitter (@F8_Online).

For further info: http://f8online.org/events/launch/

This exhibition will run alongside ‘Faraway Faces’ an exhibition by Art For Action