Thursday 3rd December

This month’s XX Happening is a Memory Circle:
Honouring and shedding memories,
be they joys, ghosts, attachments or traumas,
from the past days and weeks,
from the past year and/or throughout our life,
through bringing physical memorabilia to cherish and let go of,
letters, cards, toys, teddy bears, objects, books, clothes etc.
and/or stories, poems, moments, ideas, identities…

There will be friends to guide you and look after you and make sure you have a safe and profound Experimental Experience.


About XX

XX is a radical theatre movement combining regular outdoor actions
with monthly public events and seasonal core-group courses
Be slowmo contact improvisation dancing during rush hour
Be group therapy sessions on the tubes and buses
Be massage circles in the middle of the street
Be hide and seek in shopping centres

XX Happenings offer fully immersive theatre experiences for diverse audiences every month.
See more here: http://www.experimentalexperience.com/
Donations Welcome