Disposable Perspectives Photo Exhibition

Friday 2nd June opening event 6-11pm,

Exhibition June 2 – June 9

By summarising people as ‘refugees’ the western media, whether sympathetic or condemnatory, often eliminates their humanity, making their lives relevant only in terms of their immigration status.

Disposable Perspectives aims to show that those involved are individuals with experiences beyond their circumstance.

At the end of 2016, 15 disposable cameras were given out to people living in Paris’s newly opened Porte de la Chapelle camp. Only 8 were returned with various reasons for the 7 lost, including police brutality: an issue totally underplayed in the press yet shockingly often experienced by people.

The ones returned have been developed with exciting results and we are now working on exhibiting the photos. This exhibition is both a way to platform the views of those involved and a reminder that, despite the Jungle clearance, help and aid is still very much required across Europe and the Middle East.