*Find your inner grove- your core, what it is that makes you YOU. ****

Workshop dates:
– Tuesday the 13th of June: 2pm-6pm
– Sunday the 18th of June: 5pm-9pm

Exploring various different techniques like the basics of corporeal mime, yoga, chi gong, physical theatre, dance and meditation. Throughout the workshop you will learn to channel your energy through your body, to recycle energy from around you and not get tired. We will be focusing on how to dance, train and be active but not injure your body, and how to maintain it in its optimal performance. We will be diving deep into sound and discovering your inner grove – unleashing creative energy that is locked within you, and waiting to get out and be seen. Also, we will jam and jam together, learn to improvise and work as a group as well as individuals.

The workshop is for everyone and anyone.

– If you are already an established performer, dancer, acrobat.
– If you are just an energetic individual with fire burning inside you.
– If you need more creativity in your life
– Anyone in between!
– if you want to be a motivational dancer, immersive performer or you just want to feel and look good while you’re out partying! 😋

A little bit about myself: I have a diploma in Corporeal Mime. I have studied in London / USA for 3 years with Corinne Soum and Steven Wasson – the last assistants of Etienne Decroux(the father of mime and the teacher of Marcel Marceau). I have been a part of Theatre de l’Ange Fou corporeal mime company and toured with them in the USA. I have performed abs danced at many festivals. I am also a qualified level 3 personal trainer and a deep tissue massage therapist