Tuesday, September 27th.

Is a world without borders possible?

Overt xenophobia is on the rise in the UK as calls for controlling the nation’s borders become increasingly popular but is a radically different immigration policy possible?

Could we live in a world without borders where all peoples are able to travel freely across the globe without the need for passports, security checks and immigration control?

Sadly “foreigners” have been the scapegoats of politicians for time immemorial and we are currently living through a moment in which The Other has again been held up us as the cause of all our problems.

From Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall across all of Mexico, to Europe’s billionaire dollar backroom deal with Turkey and Australia’s abusive detention centre on the island of Nauru, immigrants and refugees are being exploited for political gain.

The inherent violence of borders and the hierarchy of nations they inevitably create must be addressed if the world is to move on from so many of its current troubles.
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