Proposal form

Thank you very much for your interest in hosting an activity at the Hive.

The Hive supports a healthy community and therefore priority will be given to cultural events that promote physical and mental health; drug and alcohol free events; family friendly activities; and workshops that encourage creativity and learning.
The Hive is run by volunteers and priority will be given to people who donate their time to helping manage this project.
If you are interested in running a loud, drunk, drug-fuelled or late night party, please don’t apply to run it at the Hive.

Please use the form below to propose a workshop or event you would like to run at the Hive. Or email your proposal to Azja our bookings manager at:

If we’ve not met you before we will probably invite you down to discuss it further.

Please give as many details as possible to help us with the booking including:

  • Times / date of event (eg Sat Oct 3 4pm-7pm)
  • Are your dates / times flexible (please give details)
  • Nature of event:
    Gig (party, performance etc) / Meeting / Workshop / Exhibition / Other (please give details)
  • Is your event open to the public or is it a private event (eg private party or closed meeting)?
  • Size of event:
    Small (up to 30)
    Medium (30-100)
    Large (over 100)
  • Entry fee (if applicable)
  • Does your event involve amplified music?
    If so, do you wish to hire the Hive sound system for £20?
    And do you require that the Hive provide a sound engineer?


8 thoughts on “Proposal form

  1. Hi. Before I submit a Proposal Form, I have a question: Is the Proposer required to provide their own audience, or is this (The Hive) a way for unknown acts to find an audience?


    1. The Hive will promote your event how we can – we can display posters and flyers if we’re provided with them; we can promote the event on our website and facebook page; and we’ll include it in our monthly newsletter if we get a chance. However the Hive team is stretched thin and we can’t dedicate as much time to PR ansd outreach as we would like. The most successful events at the Hive have been the ones that are also promoted effectively by the organiser.
      For performers looking for an audience, we run a jam night on alternate Thursdays and the events that we have run in house (such as the Buzz weekender and the Freedom exhibition) have open-mic elements to give people a chance to perform to a new audience.


  2. As it happens you have guessed correctly, I am a musician, but as a classical guitarist there is little hope or point in joining a jam session. I don’t attend open mics due to their boisterous, pub-like atmosphere. No one goes to an open mic to expect classical music or anything like it, and, on the two times I tried it, I couldnt hear what I was playing.

    So if the Hive is a venue for electric guitars and beer, I’ll leave my enquiries here, and thank you for your time.


  3. Hive stands for Human Interest Versatile Environment, which means there’s classical music as well as electric guitars, there are chilled music nights and boisterous open mics. We do our best to offer as much variety as we can. But you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. Come visit us sometime. :)


    1. We took the proposal form off line for a while because we had been flooded with so many event proposals that we barely had time to read them all, let alone host them. The form is back online now.


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