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BEADING WORKSHOP- with Dona Micaela
01/09/2016 18.00 till 21.30
3 hours workshop – learn some beading techniques with: Dona Micaela (with the help of Francesca Stella)
Refreshments Available
Don’t miss out the opportunity to learn new beading skill and create amazing beaded craft.
It is with so much joy and gratitude that I can present this event to you.
Dona Micaela will be coming to London to teach the sacred art of beading. During the workshop she will also talk about the importance and significance of beading within the Wixarica culture, explaining the sacrality and meaning of some beaded designs.

Here is a bit more about Dona Micaela:
Micaela Jimenez Lopez Wixarika Name: T´kaima -“Bird that sings beautifully / Kauyumari’s Bird”.
Born in Tateikie – San Andres Cohamiata, Mezquitic Jalisco, México.
 Dona Micaela is a Marakaame, Medicine Woman of the Wixarika tradition. A part from being a farmer and a craftswoman she is also a mother of four and has twenty years of experience as a Medicine Woman, holding traditional healing circles since she received her first charge in the ceremonial center when she was 11. She was then put in charge of the sacred Corn-Maiz and she is now the carrier of the Sun. She is in fact in charge of holding ‘Father Sun’ candle and sacred stick, in the ceremonial center of ‘Tawexika’.
As a craftswoman Dona Micaela creates amazing beaded jewellery and she teaches the sacred art of beading within her community in Mexico.

Booking is essential as VERY limited spaces available!
Contribution: £50.00 (with most materials included)
To book or for info please call 07842888645 or email
If the date and time are not suitable please contact us anyway to show interest and discuss alternative solutions.

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