Saturday Jan 21st (Day from 2pm, Eve from 7pm)

‘In these stormy times we cannot leave our enemies of yesterday and today with an exclusive monopoly over thought, imagination, and creativity’
Thomas Sankara

Art Sparking Resistance is a one day (starting at 2pm) and evening event (7pm – 2amTBC), fuelling art as a medium for social change and celebration  in real situations.

The event is providing a space for people who are involved in protecting and fighting for freedom, life  and community, it   is embracing   housing campaigns which are resisting demolition of people’s homes, standing up to exploitation at work , annihilating racism and the lack of rights for migrants and more .

It will be a place where art work, films, sculptures, banners, puppets, effigies, ghost train rides, which are used in resistance and celebration, will be brought together.

There will be fairground theme within the day and evening with “Ghost train rides through capitalism”, a new take on punch and Judy shows, and a reclining cinema with films evoking the “subconscious”

We see the inherent joy that art brings as a source of strength in our individual and collective lives   as well as a tool for knowledge and communication.

We are interested in how art functions within the challenges people face rather than descriptive pieces about them.

We aim to create a place of celebration of humanity where we will facilitate learning from each other through the various workshops and presentations, and have a great time.

The evening will be a liberating experience of dance, DJs, music, bands including reggae, RAP music, food and drink.

The event draws on the experience of previous events with these groups and individuals

Everybody is welcome to the event, the day time will be suitable for children.

Day Events
*Housing Campaigns
How Do we Fight Back?
*Black Marxists; Excluded Stories
*What is Imperialism?
*Kent Refugee Clinic
In their own voice
*‘Inspite of Everything’ (Film)
Cuba defying the Blockade
What can we learn?
(Revolutionary Communist Group)
*A Ghost Train Though Capitalism
with puppets and visuals
*Banner & Badge making workshops

*Icykal & Laayle
Bad Feathers
And more to be added
Bands Performers Djs
Artists: Ih-Tisam ul Haq, Samia Malik, Eric Ogbogbo,
Leah Jaipersad, Chanelle Ogbogbo,
Andrew Cooper, James Waters, Icykal,
Laayle, Bad Feathers, Phill Wilson-perkin
and more to be added.

Face book link please share widely if you are comfortable to do so  in the spirit of awareness raising

The event will be admission by donation.  After we have covered the cost of the show we want to raise money both for the fighting fund to stop estate demolition in Lambeth (Stand Up to Lambeth) and the refugee group taking part in the event.