30 October-11 December 2016

Learn more about the Chakras, Energy and connect to your Divine Self in a 7 week Chakra Balancing Meditative Yoga course running weekly on Sundays from 30 Oct-11 Dec. Each week there is a focus on one Chakra. All levels welcome. Earlybird tickets available til14 Oct! The is the last 7 week course I will offer until Spring 2017.

Would you like to increase your levels of relaxation, reduce stress & anxiety, connect to your inner divine essence and deepen your self- awareness? Are you looking for more Inner Peace, Joy, Balance and Harmony in your life?

If so, this is a rare opportunity to explore the more esoteric aspects of Hatha Yoga (Agama Yoga), not often taught in the West. Deepen your awareness of your own energy through Yoga Asanas, Meditation, Pranayama (Yogic breathing) and Sound to balance and harmonise your chakras & become aware of your Deep Self.

The next 7 week course I will offer will be in April/May 2017, so join now if you feel the call!

In this unique 7 week course, there will be a weekly 3 hour Hatha Yoga and Meditation workshop every Sunday from 30 October-11 December 2016  from 2.30pm-5.30pm (except for the first workshop on 30 Oct which is from 12.30pm-3.30pm @ Hive) with:

• A special focus on one Chakra, starting from the Root Chakra in Week 1 and ending with the Crown Centre in Week 7;

• A unique Talk on a topic of Yogic Philosophy (incl The Chakras, Polarity of Energy, Yamas and Niyamas- moral ethics) or purification with Q & A;

• A Yoga Social where you can ask questions on your own Yoga and Meditation practice and connect with others

• Places are limited to ensure an intimate class size with personalised attention, so book early.
• This course is suitable for all levels.
• Early bird discount if booked by 14 Oct 2016!

• For more information visit the Facebook Page & Group: Inner Peace Wellness or email any queries to frjavaid@gmail.com

During each workshop, there will also be some Yoga Asanas (poses) for other Chakras, in order to have a balanced workshop. Sound is also powerful at moving stuck energy so each class will also include a Meditation to music and often Pranayama (yogic breathing) with Sound. By journeying together on this course for 7 weeks, you will be able to delve much deeper into your own practice.

No previous Yoga experience is necessary.

This is a unique opportunity to explore the more esoteric aspects of yoga, not often taught in the West. If you feel called to join, it will be an honour to support you during this 7 week course. My Intention for this course is for you to be able to connect to your Inner Peace and Joy, and to live a life of Grace and Ease.

Ideally it is best not to eat for 2 hours before our workshop :).

Please arrive around 10 mins early so that you can settle in before we start at 2.30pm.

It is very likely you will leave each session feeling deeply relaxed and I would suggest allowing a little time for yourself after the session, rather than rushing to your next appointment!