Sunday 12th February 4 – 8pm

Love Special 
Breath of Life invites you to come on a magical journey after the Full Moon. A journey to meet in ceremony with the power of Sacred Cacao to fully delve within ourselves, into your heart and express what you want to invite into your life and what you want to let go of. Then with the extra energy and love from the Sacred Cacao we are going to dance with these intentions through the 5 natural elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether along with an elemental musical playlist. Expect blissful epic beats and a safe place to express and dance freely! 
Journey Facilitator: Sofia Fletcher

As Valentines Day is around the corner this 5 Elements Dance Cacao Ceremony will be a Love Special. Your encouraged to bring a loved one or a friend to share this experience with. You will be surrounded with love and given the perfect opportunity to open your heart, love yourself more, love those around you and to amplify universal love ♥ 

The Cacao (Raw Chocolate) that will be used is ceremonial graded Cacao all the way from Guatemala and has been blessed by a Shaman. Blessed and ready for our intentions. Cacao has many benefits, its a heat opener, gives you energy, raises serotonin levels in the brain, makes you happy, is high in magnesium, antioxidants and helps to relax the nervous system, among many other benefits. To feel the full effects of the Cacao its best to be free from intoxicants and stimulants for at least 24hrs, alcohol and caffeine. To fast for at least a few hours before the ceremony this gives cacao a greater effect for your journey

Expect to leave feeling loved, energised, inspired, ready to take that next step in life and ready to spread the love ripples out to the rest of the world

Arrival time
-4pm Ceremony welcome begins
-4.30pm Ceremonial sharing will begin.
-The whole ceremony should take roughly 2hrs. We have extra time in the venue if you want more time to integrate your journey or wish to stay chill and chat before leaving. 

What to bring?
-You! Everyone is welcome!
-Your heart
-A partner or friend
-Water, you will be thirsty with all that dancing!
-Something if you wish for the alter to the elements (can be a flower, a picture that means a lot to you, a crystal) remember to with you before you leave too
-Wear comfy clothes to dance in. Preferably in red or pink ♥
-Remember to fast prior to the ceremony


♥ Love Special deal: 2 people for £20 (bring a partner or a friend)
Deal is for early bird
£12 Early bird
£15 on the door
***Limited space of up to 30 people so book in advance please and so I know how much yummy Cacao to make.
Private message me or email me on sofia_100_6@hotmail.com to confirm your place & for transfer details or pay via paypal:

Looking forward to dancing and surrendering to the elements with you all! Any questions feel free to ask