4 months in @ the Hive Newsletter

newspageHey guys, here’s the Hive’s October Newsletter – covering just a small chunk of what we are up to this month!

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I’d like to take a minute to say a huge thank you to every single person involved with the Hive since the start. A huge amount of effort, dedication, creativity and love has gone into the building of it. But more than anything else there has been a huge amount of sacrifice made by all involved. I’ve been thinking a lot about sacrifice recently. Perhaps it has been the red moon, or perhaps it was the cacao ceremony we held last week… that’s made me consider some of the more spiritual aspects of what we do. Either way, looking over the 12 pages of our most recent newsletter at the amazingly varied range of events we’re hosting and considering the many causes we are trying to support with our space, I think this is the perfect time to recognise the sheer willpower of all of our crew, volunteers and helpers.

Our methods are unconventional and sometimes trying to do things differently involves taking risks and yet these amazing people have put jobs, personal lives, ambitions on the line to realise this amazing place that can make dreams come true for everyone.

Because of this willpower and effort we have got to the stage where we can try and help as many people as possible and have got a whole extra year to do it! It’s been great to hear words like pioneering, innovative, positive and amazing being used to describe us… but we know we are just building on the many years of hard work and creativity of hundreds of thousands of people who have risked, pioneered, innovated, created and amazed before us. So thank you to all of them too.

We will continue to try and be a safe place for political thought and action to be expressed, we will continue to encourage oppressed minorities to speak out – we will continue to try and make this space truly available to all. We have come this far – there’s really no point turning back now.

I salute you all.


So, now the serious stuff is out of the way… on with the shows… and exhibitions, and seminars, and conferences, and workshops, and yoga’s, and parties, and events… and… and… :)

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