Q. What can you make for £250? A. The Hive Dalston!

Regular visitors to this website, or to the Hive itself, will probably be aware that The Hive is the latest (ad)venture from ReSpace Projects – a not for profit organisation set-up to use intelligent solutions and recycled resources to provide the infrastructure to create buildings like the Hive everywhere.

What you may not know is that this unique model has meant that – with the collaboration of the Owners, the local community, local businesses and large building companies and contractors – we have been able to turn the dirty, stripped out, wrecked and lifeless husk that was left behind by a high priced street food company into our showcase project for an initial investment of £250!

Now into it’s third month the Hive has hosted numerous exhibitions, workshops, events, meetings, fitness classes, Permaculture lectures, etc, etc….. the list goes on… and we have so many beautiful and vibrant events lined up for you! No-one receives any wages and we are committed to investing every penny back into improving the facilities and systems each and every day.

We have been blessed to see 6 monks flown over from their exile in India to create a meaningful celebration that ties in appropriately with our ethics of cycling and recycling of life. I take this as a good omen. :)

Onward, ever onward, please keep your eye on our activities and/or get in touch if you want to know more about our methods and get involved in this growing movement toward a more holistic regeneration. :)

Peace and love, people.


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