Hive News 29/7/15

This month the Hive has had a growth spurt!

We’ve opened our second art exhibition, Industrial/ Rhythm/ Structure from graduate of the Royal Drawing Show, Emma Seach, which saw a crowd of interest and a welcome gift of free beer from the local Beaverton Brewery. Thanks guys!
Our scrubby patch of concrete has bloomed (slightly) with tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and a flash of foxgloves. If there are any gardeners out there looking for a patch to tend, your help would be very welcome!
Smartphone Video Activism on Tuesdays is proving very popular and we’ve linked up with some inspiring groups we met at the recent festival at The Spark: Vive le revolution! Wednesday sees things kept calm and ship-shape with the general scrubbing and sculpting of this fine specimen we call The Hive. In the evening there are life drawing sessions and a yoga class hosted by Fuzia.
This Thursday it’s our fortnightly open mic, Come Jam With Me, so if you like to play, listen, dance and jam then swing by. In the afternoon we have a creative writing session at our cafe which sells teas, coffee and snacks at rates you’d find up North.
On Friday we’re raising vibrations and temperatures with possibly the most unusual pairing this full moon: The Tibet Relief Fund are flying over six Buddhist monks to create a photo exhibition and sand mandala, whilst downstairs Thor’s Burlesque show brings nipple tassles to the party. Who knows what could happen if the two should meet…
The Hive in an evolution of the free social space – it’s an exciting and fast changing time. Over the weekend there is an Introduction to Permaculture as well as a chilled Sunday of general helping hands and hanging out. If you haven’t already, drop by and see how the space inspires you. Come along to the Monday 7pm project organising meet to get more involved.

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